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Law AcknowledgeLegal Disclaimer

Important information on using the website

The website was set up and founded by China Enterprise Appraisals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “CEA”). Anyone who visits, browses and uses the website shall firstly read this legal statement. If you disagree, please do not continue to visit the website. Your continuance to visit, browse and use the website means you having read, understood and agreed to accept to be bound by the legal statement and abide by all the applicable laws and regulations. Your use of any information in the website shall constitute your acceptance of the use provisions and the legal statement. Any consequences of the decisions made by you by using the information and data in the website and the application in any possible occasion shall be solely responsible by you.

The provisions on use and legal statement have provided you the important information relating to CEA, and it has listed or cited the applicable terms and conditions on using the website. Please let us know if you have any questions on any such information.

CEA reserves the right to revise, amend or update the legal statement at any time without further notice.

I. Copyright Notice

The copyright of any content in the website (including but not limited to data, text, diagram, image, voice or videotapes etc.) is owned by CEA. Without the prior written consent of CEA, you are forbidden to copy, reproduce, disseminate, publish, repast, adapt or display the content herein. At the same time, without the written consent of CEA, anyone may not make the mirror image on the server which is not owned by CEA for any content in the website. Use of the website without license has violated the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, the other relevant laws and regulations and the relevant provisions in International Convention. 

II. Domain Name and Trademark Statement

The domain name is owned by CEA. Without the written authorization by CEA, no entity or person could use it.

All the devices and text trademarks used by CEA on its website () are the trademarks registered in China and/or any other countries by CEA or the trademarks. Without the written authorization by CEA, no entity or person could use any trademarks mentioned above, in whole or in part, in any form, or use the preceding treatment as its website name. The names of the companies and products mentioned in the website and/or the third party trademark, commodity names and logos contained herein may be from their respective owners; all the descriptive sampling companies, institutions, products, domain names, e-mail address, logos, personals, and events are imagery, and should not be deemed as or induced to have any relation to any real companies, institutions, products, domain names, e-mail address, logos, personals, and events.

If you wish to use or copy any content in the website for any other reason, you should obtain our prior written consent. You may not in any form or by any means:

• Use any part of the website for illegal purpose, or use the website in the wrong or misleading or offending way;

• Copy the important content or design, in whole or in part in the website, adapt, store in the search system, transmit, print, exhibit, demonstrate, publish or create the derivative works of, any content or design in the website;

• Insert or embed any data in the website into another website; 

• Commercialize any data, produce or service in the website.

Unless agreed by us in written in advance or permitted by applicable copyright law.

As for anyone who refuses to follow the use terms, we reserve the right to reject his access to the website.

III. Privacy Protection

Protection of users’ privacy is the fundamental policy that CEA has always adhered to. CEA will not publish or communicate any user’s data registered in the website, except the following:

1.      Having obtained the users’ express authorization;

2.      Based on the relevant laws and regulations;


3.      Based on the order or judgment of the court or the requirements of other judicial proceedings;

4.      Based on the requirements of relevant competent authorities;

5.      The users have violated the terms on use or have any acts damaging the interests of CEA.

The website contains the link to the third party websites. If you visit to such website by clicking the link, please pay attention that the websites have their own privacy policies. We shall assume no liabilities for the third party privacy policies, website content or the protection of individual information.

We reserve the right to amend the privacy statement or any part hereof at any time and any amendment to the privacy statement shall be announced on the website.

IV. Disclaimer

CEA will not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and reliance of any content in the website and any consequences for use any content hereof. 

CEA and its branches, subsidiaries, directors, employees, agents or any of representatives (hereinafter referred to “related persons”) will not guarantee that you and any other individuals could visit, browse and use the website at any time and CEA and its relevant persons will not assume any liabilities for failure to use or use by mistake the website or any content hereof.

In any case, CEA and the relevant persons will not assume any liabilities for any decision or action made by reliance upon any content herein due to visiting or use hereof, and shoulder no responsibilities for any direct, indirect or punitive losses or any other loses including but not limited to business interruption, data loss or profits losses caused by visiting or using the website.

CEA and the relevant persons will not assume any liabilities for any damages or losses to your computer system and any other software, hardware, IT system or properties by any virus or other destructive program by visiting, browsing and use the website or downloading any content from the website.

CEA and the relevant persons will assume no responsibilities for any direct or indirect losses or damages caused by any third person visiting the website by illegal means and obtaining the relevant password, data and content. 


Internet is not a safe media and the communications with the website may be intercepted or falsified during the transmission. We will not guarantee that the website is free from any content that might damage any computer or other equipment by accessing to the website or any data in such computer or other equipment.

V. Relevant Matters on Link

CEA will not assume any liabilities for your visiting the other websites by link herein. While accessing to the other websites, you have full knowledge that these websites are irrelevant with CEA and beyond the control of CEA. Besides, the link to the other websites herein does not means that CEA recognizes or assumes any liability for the content or use in such websites. You should give full care while accessing to the other websites for avoiding any damage from virus or other destructive program.

The link in the page hereof to the other websites is only for your information. While providing such link, we cannot guarantee the website of any source or link to such website, or assume any liabilities for the data in such websites. Such websites may be controlled or operated by any third party. You should use, at your own discretion, such website and accept its use and privacy policies and other policies.

Without our written consent, you may not create or maintain any link from any other websites herein.

VI. Law Application and Jurisdiction

The website and statements hereof are applicable to the laws of the People’s Republic of China. Any disputes in relation to the website and the statements hereof shall be under the jurisdiction of the people’s court of the place where CEA is.